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We offer a professional service door-to-door to each client. The sea transport development started in late 2014 with its strategic foundation being in Córdoba, Argentina, central area. There, we learned to calculate costs of national shipping. That way, our service succeeded in being cost competitive and making profitable investments in order to keep on helping our clients both in service and in cost reduction. All this journey allowed us to become a benchmark for success in its field, maintaining strong and rapid growth. Recognized at both national and international level, we hold conferences in Malaysia and Thailand about how to conduct businesses in Latin America.

These are the sea freight services.

FCL (Full Container Load)

Full Container Load 20/40/40 HC – Reefer Containers and NOR (Non Operating Reefer)

Special containers, Flat Rack/Open Top, Suppliers of the mining industry in Argentina and investors of Vaca Muerta. Additionally, Machinery import and Industrial plants transfers.

LCL – (Low Container Load)

Providing the LCL service, we give our clients the opportunity to better administer the cost-effectiveness of their products’ shipping and/or importation. We are a benchmark for great quality in the field constantly wanting to improve the Terms and Conditions of Contract. In 2019, we started to consolidate our own containers in 3 ports located in China, Shanghai, Shenzhen and Ningbo; which allowed us to improve the services that we are currently providing in Argentina and to reduce costs.

We offer LCL services in more than 75 countries.

RORO and BreakBulk:

Our active participation in the conferences of Breakbulk held in Europe and the United States allowed us to study at close this type of container load and offer services knowing each and every port, the places where to operate, and all the safety measures needed for goods of larger magnitude and/or extra heavy in order to carry out their regular transportation successfully.


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